What Are the Benefits of Selecting Executive Apartments?

What Are the Benefits of Selecting Executive Apartments?

Are you planning an executive event in Nairobi or are you sending employees to work on location for an extended period? If so, you may want to consider swapping traditional hotel options for executive apartments in Nairobi. These comfortable accommodations can ensure your employees or clients are comfortable and happy for the full duration of their stay. This type of housing is a great option for your business.

Important Savings

The cost of hotel accommodations can quickly add up, as the hotel fees reflect extensive overhead and staff costs. By the time you pay nightly rates as well as extensive fees, taxes and more, the cost can add up. This significant cost can take a major toll on your business’s bottom line. In cases when you have to travel or send employees for a significant length of time, executive apartments in Nairobi can help you save major cash. While a cheaper option, these locations do not sacrifice quality, giving you just what you need for a price you can handle.

Comfort of Home

Working far from home can take a toll on individuals. While the mental state of your employees may seem insignificant to their work performance, homesickness can affect quality of work. Happy employees lead to more productive individuals on the job. These accommodations can ease the difficulty of an extended period far from familiarity. They come comfortably furnished and beautifully decorated. A modern fully equipped kitchen allows guests to cook their favorite foods while staying. It is truly a home away from home.


These accommodations also offer more flexibility than other rental options. Many other non-hotel housing options require longer commitments, which often don’t fit the evolving needs of modern business. Many of these options allow you to rent by month, week or even day, allowing you to only pay for the time you need at a significantly lower price than a hotel.

Added Amenities

While less expensive, extended stay options offer a range of amenities that add to the guest experience. Many offer gyms and pools to help guests maintain their regular fitness routine. Additionally, they commonly offer meeting rooms to help you manage an event away from the office.

When considering your travel needs, it may be tempting to simply think about hotel accommodations. However, this often doesn’t make the most sense. Executive apartments in Nairobi can help you do business abroad while ensuring that you stay within budget. This is a great option for any business.


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