Understanding the Differences Between Corn and Flour Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut

Understanding the Differences Between Corn and Flour Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut

U.S. residents, in general, are accustomed to Mexican cuisine that includes soft flour tortillas for burritos and quesadillas, and hard corn shells for tacos and tostadas. Soft corn tortillas have been slow to catch on in this country, but they are prevalent in restaurants serving authentic Mexican dishes. The option has also become a favorite of people dealing with celiac disease, as they cannot eat any wheat. Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut are available for chefs in both corn and flour versions.

Corn and Flour Tortillas

Soft corn tortillas are the traditional choice in Mexico for tacos. They have a more complex flavor and a chewier texture than plain flour tortillas, although food producers have begun creating many different styles of flour tortillas to boost the flavor and nutrition. For instance, green ones are now available made from spinach. Tomato and garlic-herb blends also add a different twist to traditional meals.

Of course, there also are different versions of corn wholesale tortillas in Connecticut. Many people have become familiar with blue corn chips they see in grocery stores. Tortillas can be made with this vegetable as well. Green corn tortillas blend corn with cactus leaves for a unique flavor and look.

Enchiladas, Burritos, and Wraps

Restaurant customers who love enchiladas may not realize they’ve been eating corn tortillas all along since this is how enchiladas are made in an authentic fashion. Since this meal is usually layered with cheese and salsa, the flavor of the tortillas tends to be hidden to a certain extent. The same is often true of burritos. However, dishes referred to as wraps are not covered in sauce but leave the tortilla unadorned on the outside.

Hard Shells

What about customers who are big fans of hard shell tacos from a supplier such as Best Mexican Foods? Those menu items will never disappear, as they continue to be popular among a large segment of restaurant patrons. Although these tacos are messier than the soft versions, some individuals feel that nothing else tastes as good. They also enjoy the crunchy texture as blended with the soft ingredients. Get more information about tortillas and taco shells at the website.


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