Tips On Ordering Authentic Food From A Local Italian Restaurant in Weston

Tips On Ordering Authentic Food From A Local Italian Restaurant in Weston

Italian cuisine has been enjoying quite a revival in popularity as of late. Of course, with any revival comes its share of impostors and nowhere is this truer than with Italian cooking. Many Americans have been seduced into thinking that completely un-Italian recipes are, in fact, traditional Italian dishes. Here are some expert tips for anyone to spot fake Italian dishes. These should be read before dining at a Local Italian Restaurant in Weston.

Number Of Ingredients

This tip actually holds true for any ethnic cooking. The number of ingredients can be seen as a direct correlation to its authenticity. Legitimate Italian cuisine never has more than a handful of ingredients, the fewer the better. If the dish has more than 6 ingredients, there is a great cause to doubt its Italian roots. If the recipe calls for more than 10 ingredients, it is about as un-Italian as canned spaghetti.

The Actual Ingredients

Pay attention to the actual ingredients themselves. If the so-called Italian dish calls for cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers, you can be sure that it is not Italian. While it may be delicious in its own right, please do not be fooled into thinking it is some sort of great Italian delicacy. One thing which may not be so obvious is the use of herbs. Almost any dried herb in a dish will render it non-authentic. The only dried herb that a truly Local Italian Restaurant in Weston will use is oregano. There is never a call for garlic powder or onion powder in an authentic Italian dish either.

Simplicity Of Cooking

True Italian dishes should never be complicated to make. Italians are proud of the simplicity in which their dishes can be made and there are very few exceptions to this rule. If the recipe calls for over-complicated cooking techniques, then it should not be ordered. Simple homemade sauces paired with the correct type of pasta is what makes a dish Italian. there is never an overabundance of meat either. It is used as another ingredient, not as the whole experience.

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