Do’s and Dont’s for Office Catering in Downtown Philadelphia

Do’s and Dont’s for Office Catering in Downtown Philadelphia

An office party is a thoughtful way to thank employees for their contribution in achieving notable company milestones. It also provides employees with an opportunity to get to know each other better and enjoy each other’s company. With careful planning, the right venue and employing quality office catering in downtown Philadelphia in particular, you can create the perfect environment for employees to have a great time at the event.

Here are some office catering do’s and dont’s that will ensure you throw a party the employees will remember fondly.

Keep a Margin for Extra Guests

If you’ve invited 100 office guests to the event for instance, you must accommodate for an additional 10 when ordering for the event. Sometimes, despite a message in bold stating not to invite other people to the event, employees bring in their friends or family members to the event. Instead of turning down the additional guests and hurting their feelings, it’s best to cater to them at the event. You must give leeway for these uninvited guests in advance when signing a contract for office catering in downtown Philadelphia.

Ensure a Festive Menu

When selecting a firm that offers office catering in downtown Philadelphia, make sure that the company offers a variety of dishes for the guests. The food offered to the guests should be sumptuous and delectable. The extent of the food offering will obviously depend on the budget set for the event. But selecting a food service company that offers food items at reasonable prices will ensure that you not only remain within the budget but also provide greater variety of goods to the guests.

Don’t Go Over the Budget

The client and the caterer both must adhere to the budget allocated for the event. In the hustle and bustle of organizing the event and ensuring that everything goes perfectly, the budget is sometimes overlooked. This results in budget overruns that can lead to financial troubles for the company later on. The organizers should set a realistic budget that ensures everyone at the party gets to enjoy a hearty meal.

Don’t Hire Just Before the Party

Don’t put off hiring the caterer till a day or two before the event. A lot of work goes into office catering in downtown Philadelphia such as planning, decorating and preparing the food. Small parties with 10-15 guests need to be planned at least five days before the event. Larger parties can be planned at least a week to ten days in advance. The greater the time given for planning for the guests, the more successful the event will be.


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