A cost effective and homely stay – serviced apartments!

A cost effective and homely stay – serviced apartments!

Serviced apartments are perhaps the most preferred option for many business travelers and tourists looking for a homely stay while on a holiday. These apartments come up much cheaper as compared to hotels and offer you better facilities as compared to motels and lodges thus giving you the best of both worlds.

Serviced apartments for corporates:

Today, many organizations are gradually making the switch from booking stays in hotels to serviced apartments for the employees who are on international assignments all over the world. This option comes across as much cheaper as compared to hotels and also offers many better amenities and facilities. And one added advantage is the increased level of satisfaction and comfort for employees living in serviced apartments. These apartments grant the employees of companies a level of freedom and privacy that hotels can never provide and this is one of the main reasons apart from cost savings that prompts companies to opt for them instead of hotels.

Serviced apartments for holidays:

Nowadays, even couples and families prefer staying in serviced apartments instead of hotels if the duration of holidays is going to be long. This is because of the increased level of affordability that is offered by these houses. Moreover, as mentioned earlier the amenities offered by these houses surpass those offered by hotels.

All in all, these apartments are a really good option for those on prolonged stays abroad or even within the country for that matter. Let us now look at the services and amenities that one can avail in serviced apartments.

Services offered:

A serviced apartment will usually offer most of the following facilities to those who are staying.

  • Laundry cleaning services

  • Doctor on-call

  • Intercom and telephone services

  • Servants and janitors

  • Overall apartment maintenance

  • Household utilities and appliances

  • Internet connectivity

The above is just a basic list and today you can avail of many more facilities in these serviced apartments.

serviced apartments

serviced apartments


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