7 Ways to Shop for Wine Like a Pro

7 Ways to Shop for Wine Like a Pro

Paying a visit to a wine store in Vancouver WA can be a bit intimidating. If you haven’t got a clue what to buy, here’s how to shop without embarrassing yourself.

Educate yourself

It’s easy enough to go online and check out the basics. What’s the difference between white and red wines, for instance. Going over the basics will give you a new level of appreciation for wines. It can also help you pick out what you out of the wine store in Vancouver WA.

Talk to the staff

The staff is there to help you, VinePair says. Don’t ignore them. If the shop’s employees turn out to be snobby and elitist, then check out other stores in the area. However, you may luck out and find good ones, those who provide excellent service and who actually know what they’re talking about. Ask them for suggestions. They’re certain to point you in the right direction.

Look beyond the price

If you’re looking for a good wine-tasting experience, then learn to look beyond the cost of a bottle. If you want something of good quality, shop for a bottle that’s worth a bit more than the average.

Know what you like

Love sweet-tasting drinks? Then go for sweet wines. That’s going to get your wine-tasting adventure off to a fantastic start.

Step out of your comfort zone

You could also experiment a bit. Explore options outside your comfort zone. Try out an obscure wine. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Go for a case

If you’re shopping for wine, why not go for more than a bottle or two? Buying a case can get you terrific discounts. Plus, having extra bottles of wine can be handy as well.

Don’t rush

Lastly, don’t buy wine when you’re in a rush. You need time to decide, talk to the shop employees and think it over. That way, you’ll come out with a bottle you’ll love.


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