What You Might be Able to Find When Visiting a Chicago Donut Shop

When you want a sweet treat but don’t want cake or pie, then consider the variety of items that you can find at a donut shop. Here are a few things that you can usually expect when you make your way inside.

Coffee and Other Beverages

Aside from the obvious treats that you’ll see in cases when you visit donut shops in Chicago, you’ll usually see different types of coffee as well. This is a beverage that’s often enjoyed with donuts, whether it’s hot and black, contains sugar and cream, or is iced with a hint of vanilla, among the other ways that the drink can be prepared. You’ll typically find milk, juice, and tea at a donut shop as well. Some shops have small containers for children to enjoy.


When you visit donut shops in Chicago, some of the donuts will usually have some kind of filling in them. It could be a creamy custard, a whipped cream filling, or jelly. There are also flavored fillings that have a creamy consistency that is the same as the icing on the donut, such as strawberry or lemon.

Everything but Donuts

While the most common item that you’ll find in a donut shop is a donut, you can typically find other sweet treats as well. Some shops might have fritters and bear claws, while others might serve cookies and brownies. You could also find sandwiches and light lunch items that you can enjoy before eating your desserts, such as salads and wraps. Contact Stan’s Donuts & Coffee for more information.


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