What to Expect From a Luau and Beach Hula Show in Hawaii

You simply cannot attend a luau in Hawaii and not watch dancers perform the hula. That will just not happen. The feast is quite celebratory and therefore everyone enjoys this type of entertainment. Historically, luaus were feasts that were held for social purposes and to appease the gods. These gods pertained to Hawaii’s rituals and deities before Christian missionaries arrived on the islands.

Therefore, before missionaries visited Hawaii, religious occasions often were celebrated by holding a feast. This type of feast was both a type of religious event as well as a noted part of early family life. Today, the luau removes the religious significance and instead focuses on the social aspect. To contribute to the social enjoyment, a beach hula show in Hawaii adds to the upbeat atmosphere. Therefore, you can savor a delectable dining experience and be uniquely entertained at the same time.

A Dance Unlike Any Other

Needless to say, no luau feast would be complete without hula dancers or the graceful hand movements that the dancers make. With their hands, the dancers in a beach hula show tell stories that are both expressive and beautiful. These stories tell of life in the Hawaii of old using implements such as the uli (a gourd with colored feathers) and ipu (a polished and hollowed-out gourd). You simply will not see this type of dance performance anywhere else in the world.

Luau Entrees and Sides

To make sure that your dining experience is also authentic, a feast is served that can only be described as scrumptious. Some of the foods that are featured include roasted pig, poi, chicken with long rice, haupia (coconut pudding), and sautéed island fish. Luau participants can also enjoy Hawaiian Pulehu chicken and fresh pineapple while they watch the hula dancers of the beach hula show perform.

Where to Learn More about a Luau Online

If you want to learn more about attending a luau, visit germainesluau.com online. The more you know about the featured entertainment, the more you will want to book a luau on your next trip to the Hawaiian Islands.


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