Tips for Choosing from the Very Best of the Chania Hotels

No two hotels are exactly alike. There are a lot of factors that might make one superior to another, including friendlier staff, more services, modern amenities, and even a better location. All of these factors should be considered if you are paying a visit to lovely Chania in Crete. There is a diverse array of Chania hotels and accommodations, and you want to be certain you are selecting one that is right for you.

Below are a few good questions to ask and tips to follow when selecting your hotel for an upcoming holiday in Chania and Crete:

  • What is the location? – You may want to be within easy reach of beaches like the cosmopolitan Koum Kapi. You may wish to be just moments from the delicious restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars scattered throughout the town. Of course, like so many, you will probably want to be within minutes of the lovely Old Venetian Harbour area, too.
  • What are the amenities? – This is where many travelers differ. For example, many hope to have options like room service, Wi-Fi and 24-hour front desk. Others want a pool, fitness center, gardens and a good restaurant on the grounds. Some require business center services and tourism information. If you can find a hotel with all of these options, you’ll have a much more relaxed holiday.
  • What are the rooms like? – Here too, you must pay attention because you may want modern accommodation, but not an overly crowded spot. Less than 100 rooms in an up to date facility is a great place to begin. Then, ask about the views. Do you have a balcony or a few windows with views towards town or the harbor? Are the rooms modernized?
  • What about extras? – If you are like most, the idea of a daily buffet breakfast would be very appealing. Free Wi-Fi is also a good thing to look for in a quality hotel. Luggage storage, laundry and other extras may also come in handy.

As you can imagine, a popular destination like Chania in Crete has an array of accommodations that could meet many of these requirements. However, if you want to streamline a search for one of the best Chania hotels, you should look at the Kirti Hotel. This is a downtown property that is intimately sized, full of amazing services and luxury amenities and offering all that we’ve described above. If you are ready to book, just contact us online.


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