Three Ways To Enjoy Crepes

Almost everyone has heard of crepes. Those who have not had the pleasure of enjoying crepes probably think they are like pancakes that should be consumed with the standard butter and syrup. However, there are so many other ways that you can enjoy the best crepes in Houston. Here are just a few ways you can have them.

The Sweet Crepe

When it comes to enjoying a sweet crepe, there is usually a creamy and rich element paired with the sweet element. The creamy richness can be incorporated with ingredients such as mascarpone, cream cheese, or even Nutella. These items can be layered with fruit, chocolate, and even nuts to bring a little texture to the dish. If you are enjoying a sweet crepe, don’t forget to add a dollop of whipped cream. A sweet crepe is great as a main dish for breakfast or as an after dinner dessert. As a dessert, you can add ice cream as well.

The Savory Crepe

The savory crepe can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Crepes are not customarily served with meats; however, there are no real rules when it comes to the best crepes in Houston. A popular staple in a savory crepe is some kind of cheese. They are also great with some vegetables. You can fill or top them with almost anything. For example, the same things you would put into an omelet can be enjoyed as a filling for a crepe. The key is to find flavor profiles that are not going to overpower the crepe.

The Drunken Crepe

The drunken crepe is one that is usually enjoyed as an after dinner treat. The alcohol that is used is usually some kind of flavored liqueur that can easily be paired with your favorite fruit. You can have the fruit raw or cooked. You usually want to include the alcohol into some type of sauce so that the harshness of the alcohol is cooked off. If you don’t have a good liqueur on hand, you can also use brandy. Fruits that are popular with this type of crepe are bananas, peaches, and of course strawberries. You can also add ice cream and whipped cream to top of this type of dessert crepe.

There are no real limits when it comes to the way that you want to enjoy your crepe. They can be part of a health conscious meal or the vehicle to a perfect cheat day treat.

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