Three Times When You Should Consider a Short-term Furnished Rental

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Hotels

Sometimes, you need a short-term place to stay that is more spacious than a hotel, but you do not want a long-term lease like an apartment requires. A short-term, furnished apartment rental may be a wise choice for you. Consider these three times in which short-term furnished rentals in St Louis could be a convenient solution for your needs.

Work-related Travel

People who work for the government or military may need to spend a couple of weeks in a particular area on an assignment. If you have a posting in St. Louis, a furnished short-term rental could be a good option. You will have a full kitchen to prepare your own meals and all the space you need for relaxing at the end of the work day.

Apartment or House Not Yet Ready

Perhaps you have a lease on an apartment, but the unit is not yet ready. Maybe you bought a house, but you are not able to move in yet because of how the possession was negotiated at the time of closing. If your house or apartment is not yet ready for you, a short-term furnished rental could be a comfortable solution.

House or Rental Under Repair

Perhaps your apartment building or home had a sewage backup, burst pipe or fire. The repairs could take several weeks to a month or two. You may have had to throw out your furniture due to the damage. A short-term furnished rental is a good option for getting the space and amenities you need. Your insurance company may pay for this type of living arrangement until the repairs are completed.

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