The Ultimate Boise Foodie Food Guide

Food satisfies and refreshes the body; however, it is very difficult to think and work on an empty stomach. Boise is known for its tasty, fresh, and innovative food scene, with the chefs creating different recipes and cuisines. Here are some of the best foods to try on the Ultimate Boise Food Guide.

Finger Steaks

Most outsiders think that Boise is only known for its potatoes. However, if you asked the locals for a signature dish, they’ll mention “finger steaks.” These are battered, deep-fried beef strips that are medium-rare on the inside but crispy on the outside. Often found in dive bar menus, there are many restaurants such as Barbacoa that put a gourmet twist on this delicious steak.


in Idaho, the huckleberry is the state fruit, and with good reason. Also referred to as purple gold, these berries are not only delicious but coveted. They have a very short window for picking and can take over 15 years to grow. However, they are well worth the wait, and you can enjoy them in your ice cream, jam, pies, pancakes, other sweet treats, or even with vodka shots.

Habanero Pizza

Pizza is a beloved American staple that has as many variations as there are flavors. With Habanero season coming in August, Boise becomes home to the habanero madness, and the Flying Pie pizzeria is the place to be. This pizzeria has made the habanero pizza their star attraction offering 4 different types of habanero pizzas. This way, you can try one that is as spicy as you want.

There are a lot more foods native to Boise that you can try, but these three are a great place to start. Once you have your feet on the ground, you can add more food to your food guide Barbacoa Grill.


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