The Ultimate Adult Vacation: Disney World! Wait…What?

The Ultimate Adult Vacation: Disney World! Wait…What?

Yes, adults going to Disney World without kids. No, it’s not weird—it’s actually a great time. Admittedly it may seem like a strange idea at first but you need to take the following into consideration. One, Disney World has actually been implementing restaurants and attractions that are specifically oriented towards adults. Two, as an adult you get to spend your money and time however you want. If you can go to Disney World by yourself or with a group of friends, you won’t have to deal with a kid telling you where to go. Lastly, it’s Disney World, the happiest place on Earth!

Advice for Adults
If you and a group of your adult friends are planning to go to Disney World based on the advice from this article, you may want to think about checking out Orlando vacation rentals near Disney before you go. The reason behind this is quite simple: it’s far cheaper to rent a home for a week as compared to staying at a hotel. As such, by checking out the various Orlando vacation rentals near Disney that are available before your trip, you get to save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Yes, an Adult Can Have Fun There
Believe it or not some of the attractions there are actually quite fun as an adult. Ranging from the various rides and specialty shops to the restaurants and candy stores; the park actually has a wide variety of different choices that appeal to adult consumers. While they were probably created to initially appeal to the parents that were arriving there, adults with no children can definitely enjoy them to the fullest since they don’t have to worry about kids dragging them to another attraction.

Epcot Center
Wine and cheese tasting along with cultural festivals may not seem like something that is associated with all that is Disney; however, those events can actually be found at the Epcot Center in Disney World. This part of the park has a more “mature” feel so to speak and has many attractions and rides that cater to older customers.

All in all, going to Disney World is an activity that adults without kids can enjoy. Do take into consideration though checking out local homes to rent from sites like website so that you can avoid paying an arm and a leg for your accommodations. Check out website for more information.


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