The Perfect Pork

The Perfect Pork

The best way to prepare pork is to do it slowly and with patience. The more time you take to prep the meat the better the end resulting flavors are. By far the best way to infuse an explosion of flavor into your pork is to rub on herb and spices and leave it sit over night in the fridge. This lets all of those different tastes sink deep into the tissues of the meat so that the flavor is tasted all the way through on every bite.

After you have taken your pork out of the fridge that has been mingling with all of the spices and herbs in your rub you put it on the BBQ. You sear every side on high heat to lock in all of the natural pork juices then turn your BBQ down to a lower heat setting and let the inside cook. The rub forms almost a skin over the meat that is packed full of flavor and taste. You then remove it from the heat and let it rest for at least half as long as it took to cook it. This lets all of the juices of the pork be absorbed back into it so when you cut into it for your first bite you have a white and juicy piece of pork perfection.

Speak to the Pork Experts
Stripling’s General Store has been working with meat since 1964. Over the past 50 years they have perfected their blends of meat rubs that serve to enhance and punch up the eating experience. They offer the best pork rub in Columbus, GA. When you invite people over for dinner you want them to talk about what you served to them for years to come. Visit their website today and find out about all of the different rubs and culinary delights they have that will take your dinner party to the next level.


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