Taco Tips From A Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey

Taco Tips From A Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey

Tacos are an ancient traditional food for Hispanics and are held near and dear to their to their hearts. Unfortunately, they have become “Americanized”, and many people in this country no longer know what an authentic taco actually tastes like. In many cases, they may have never had the chance to try one at all. Here are some tips on making an authentic Mexican taco.

  • The first thing that will be needed is corn tortillas. The real kind, not the ones found at big-box stores. A real taco features a soft corn tortilla, not a hard shell. These can be found at small Mexican shops or even from a company that specializes in Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey.
  • For the true die-hards, they can be made by hand from corn flour or from a pre-packaged mix.
  • One will need an onion, a small amount of fresh coriander (about a palm-full), beef (not ground), beans, avocado, turnips, and a Persian lime.
  • Dice the onion and finely chop the coriander, the finer, the better.
  • Grill the meat fillets until they are cooked to taste. Remember to follow proper safety tips when cooking the beef.
  • Heat the beans in a pot. Canned beans from a Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey are fine, but again, the true die-hard cook may want to cook their beans from scratch. Either way is acceptable.
  • After the meat has cooled from the grill, slice it into small strips and/or squares. Chop the avocado into small pieces and quarter the lime.
  • Lightly brown the corn tortilla shells on the grill, and then all of the ingredients are done!
  • Arrange the tortillas on a platter, and everyone can help themselves to the fixings and create their own authentic Mexican taco. These will be much tastier than any fast food tacos that many Americans associate with Mexican food.

Visit us for more authentic Mexican recipe tips and to order high-quality Mexican foods that are far above what one can find in more traditional grocery stores. When using authentic ingredients in their Mexican dishes, families will be astounded at just how much more flavorful the real thing can be.


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