How to Find Your New Favorite Restaurant

How to Find Your New Favorite Restaurant

Many factors go into where you decide to eat. But how do you decide which bar and grill in NYC to choose next? According to Food and Wine, food safety and health concerns are one of the biggest factors in the decision. But after you’ve determined which places have the best reputation for freshness and safety, where do you go from there?

Search Local

Supporting local business is always an option to consider. Not to mention the fact that a convenient location makes a difference when it comes to dining out. Search for what’s new and interesting in your area, or search for lesser-known spots that are neighborhood favorites. Chances are you’ll find something you didn’t even know existed!

Take Recommendations

Ask friends for their favorites, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of cuisine or atmosphere. Recommendations are one of the best places to start when it comes to choosing a restaurant. You’ll also want to search online for reviews and customer feedback to see what customers are saying. Take these reviews to heart– there’s no better way to get an accurate depiction of what goes on in the restaurant or what type of customer service to expect.

Think About the Menu

Whether you’re checking out the menu ahead of time online or reading through it in person, think about what type of foods you’d be coming back for, or if the place is something you’re into overall. If the one dish you’re going to like on the menu is something generic that you can get anywhere else, or if very few things interest you, then there’s not much of a chance you’ll be coming back. Skip it and go for something that has bigger potential to become a regular favorite.

Whether it’s upscale ethnic cuisine or a casual bar and grill in NYC, you won’t have a shortage of options. Your new favorite restaurant is waiting to be discovered.


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