How to Choose a Cuban Restaurant

How to Choose a Cuban Restaurant

Most people don’t really plan ahead and may decide on a specific kind of restaurant as they pass one. However, if you are interested in finding a Cuban restaurant, there are a few tips and tricks that can help, as you want your choice to be authentic, have great food and be reasonably priced.


Of course, the first thing to do is decide which type of food you want to eat, which in this case is Cuban food. Whether you want Cuban, American or Mexican, you can use the guide to help you. When traveling, try to find local restaurants in that vicinity or choose foods based on the culture. For instance, if you are in Mexico, you would probably be eating a lot of Mexican food. However, many places in the United States offer other food than American, including Cuban, Thai, Chinese and Italian.

Guide Books

If you are in a new area, consider going to the library or bookstore and look through the travel section. You may also be able to find a restaurant area of the city’s welcome center. Just remember that most of the options available will be very popular places that paid to advertise through the guide book. While these may be delicious and delectable, you may want to consider local cuisines or local restaurants for a more intimate experience.


The locals in the area will be happy to tell you where their favorite places are to eat. If you dislike talking to complete strangers, consider asking the hotel concierge or receptionist to help you find a great Cuban restaurant. Mention any specifics that you require, such as a particular dish, traditional décor or authenticity when asking others.

Just make sure to get directions or an address to put into your GPS system before heading out to the restaurant.


If you just can’t get yourself to ask someone else about the cuisine, for whatever reason, consider checking out special apps on mobile phones. There are many great apps out there that help you find a specific cuisine, restaurant or area to search and you can also read reviews about the restaurant in question.


Most hotels or motels are in the heart of the city, so you are almost guaranteed to find a Cuban restaurant that will appeal to you. However, some restaurants are off the beaten path, which adds to their ambiance, so you may end up missing something if you just drive around looking for somewhere good to eat.

If you want a great Cuban restaurant, consider Mambo’s Cuban Café Pizzeria.


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