How a Greek Restaurant in San Ramon Can Save the Day

How a Greek Restaurant in San Ramon Can Save the Day

Dramatics aside, authentic Lebanese food is more than a little difficult to come by in California, much less the United States. For the restaurateur whose palate is plagued with a craving for freshly made Mediterranean dishes, a great Greek restaurant is a coveted find. Not only are affordable prices a must, but a restaurant should be designed with family and friends in mind. The best restaurants provide a home away from home, inviting their patrons to feel comfortable in heart and appetite. Regulars are acquired through a deep love of amazing food and even better atmosphere.

Lebanese Cuisine Should Be a Staple of any American’s Diet

If you have yet to search for a Greek restaurant in San Ramon, now is the time to do so. Lebanese food sounds intimidating at first, what with names such as “kafta” and “tawook.” However, the ingredients and preparation are more similar than you may believe. Kafta is nothing more than freshly ground beef and lamb meat mixed with parsley and onions, seasoned with all the best spices, and charbroiled. Tawook is served with garlic sauce and made with skinless chicken breast marinated in fresh seasoning and cooked on kebobs. They do not sound so strange anymore, do they?

Hummus is quickly gaining popularity in the US, but many people have no idea exactly what it is. This deliciously simple dip is created by blending garbanzo beans with garlic, lemon juice, and spices. The dish is usually topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion and served with fresh pita bread. Not only are these dishes surprisingly simple and wholesome, but they provide a much healthier, and tastier, alternative to routine American choices, such as pizza and “Tex-Mex.”

Having a Greek Restaurant Cater Is Always a Great Idea

The best Greek restaurant does not even require its patrons to visit the establishment in order to enjoy its food. Orders are always made fresh just minutes before being brought to you, and your guests will gorge themselves on the best food they could ever enjoy. The fresh ingredients and straightforward recipes will leave you crazed for more. In addition, the best Greek restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian entries and sides, such as hot lentil soup, so that any patron can bask happily in the exotic flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

Finding the right restaurant in San Ramon allows patrons to taste a key part of Mediterranean culture without having to leave the comfort of home. It does not take a plane ticket and language course to surround yourself with the best parts of the world around you, but it does require an empty stomach and a healthy love of great food. Where better to start than the Mediterranean?


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