Factors affect hotel customer satisfaction

Factors affect hotel customer satisfaction

Although the factors that affect the satisfaction a person gets from a specific hotel varies from person to person, almost everyone zeros in on the same top three. Guests at the Grand Plaza St Pete indicate the three things which are most important are cleanliness, the general appearance and the price. Although these are the top three, people continue to rate the hotel based on how close it is to various attractions, how many swimming pools does it have, free breakfast, airport shuttle and others. The one thing that guests take for granted is friendly staff.

Perhaps the very top of the list is cleanliness. Cleanliness is often related to the appearance but this is something that can be deceiving. The exterior of the hotel may not be perfect but the rooms and all the interior spaces can be spotlessly clean. In the eyes of the customer the room, the attached bath and the common areas are number one in importance.

Many people are offended with the smell of stale tobacco smoke so non-smoking rooms also rate high. The offensive odor tends to linger in the room, making the stay uncomfortable and not pleasant. The choice of a hotel often is made based on the availability of non-smoking rooms. Most hotels offer them but they often are the first rooms taken by the guests as smoking is becoming less and less popular.

Guests at the Grand Plaza St Pete indicate that amenities are very important. The star rating that is used often indicates the level of amenities, the rating runs from two starts which notes a hotel with basic services up through four and five star hotels where one can expect to find luxurious services and amenities.

The atmosphere of the hotel is important as well, especially hotels that cater to tourists. People generally look for pleasant and accommodating staff as well as an environment which is conducive to rest and relaxation. With those on vacation, the overall ambiance is often as important as the room rate.

The location of the hotel is important; this does not vary between business guests and vacationers. The business client needs to be close to the city where most offices are located whereas the holiday guest wants to be near the beach and all the local attractions.

Business travelers and vacationers want hotels to meet certain standards and so do couple planning a beach wedding. The Grand Plaza St Pete is the choice of many who wish to have a dream wedding on the beach.



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