Details to Look for When Selecting a Tasty Donut in Chicago

Whether it’s a treat in the morning with a cup of coffee or a snack at night while you’re watching television, a donut is a sweet treat that comes in a variety of flavors and designs. However, you might not always know if you’re getting the best donuts in Chicago. Here are a few details to look for when you’re in a donut shop and trying to decide on the kind that you want.


You want to see a variety of donuts offered in a shop that has the best donuts. Glazed donuts should be one of the items that you see as well as a filled donut or one that’s decorated with icing. This detail often means that the shop understands how to make customers happy by offering more than one option while also knowing how to combine ingredients to make different types of donuts including crullers and fritters.

Fresh Options

When you look for the best donuts in Chicago, pay attention to the freshness of the options available. Most shops will change the donuts that are in their cases throughout the day so that you can get a donut that is soft and warm instead of one that has been left to sit for a few hours and has turned hard.


As you bite into a donut, you need to be able to taste all of the flavors that are represented. If it’s a donut filled with jelly, then the flavor should come through along with the outer flavors of the donut itself. A detail to look for in the best donut shops is multiple flavor options, especially during holiday seasons.

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