Crafting A Delicious Menu

When you’re creating a BBQ menu, you need to think about all of your customers instead of only one or two demographics as you want to attract more customers over time. Even if you’re trying to decide what to fix for your family and friends for a special event, it’s better to have a smokestack BBQ menu Saint Louis style ribs are included on so that you know what to prepare. You need to purchase all of the ingredients that are on the menu a few days beforehand aside from the meat. Try to wait until the day before the event to purchase your meats so that it will be fresh. Season and marinate your meat overnight so that it has all of the flavors locked in place when it’s time to grill the ribs or other items that you plan to have on your menu.

The smokestack BBQ menu Saint Louis ribs are found on should be centered on the types of meats that are served. Aside from ribs, you could offer pulled pork, BBQ chicken, or steak. Try to offer at least three different meats on your menu for guests to enjoy. If you’re preparing the menu for a restaurant, then you want to have three or more meats that are prepared in a variety of ways so that customers have a selection of items. Slaw is a good side item to offer with BBQ along with baked beans and fries. Try to offer as many homemade selections as possible to stay with the fresh flavors of the meat that you prepare. However, if you know that you won’t have time to prepare everything from scratch, then consider putting your own twist on items that are purchased from a store. An example would be adding slices of bacon to baked beans or adding nuts and fresh fruit to a simple salad.


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