4 Tips to Help You Answer the Question: Where Do We Eat?

Where should we eat? That’s the eternal question that plagues people. Whether you’re eating out with your significant other or catching up with friends, that question inevitably pops up. If you’re tired of the song-and-dance number everyone performs every time that question is asked, here are a few tips to help you.

Make a list

If you simply can’t think of an option whenever that question pops up, then make a list of all the restaurants you love in the area and put the food they’re known for or specialize in. For instance, put in a restaurant for smoked BBQ ribs in Saint Louis. Think of it as a cheat sheet. With one glance, you can rattle off names of restaurants for different food types and cuisines so you won’t have to resort to a shrug whenever someone asks where to go for lunch.

Decide how far you want to go

When you look for a restaurant in Saint Louis for smoked BBQ ribs, think about how far you’ll want to go, the Lifehacker says. Is the location easily accessible to you and your friends? Is it within walking distance? Does anyone need to go early? Do you have a car or will you take a cab? Sort through these things first before you pick a restaurant.

Consider your food goals

Maybe you just want smoked ribs. But what about the rest of the group? Before you head out to that restaurant, you’ll want to keep everyone’s food goals in mind. Check out the menu and make sure everyone has something to enjoy. That way, you’ll all be happy when you get to the restaurant.

Check the ambiance

What kind of eating environment can you expect? Will you and your friends be comfortable? Is it comfortable and cozy? Be sure to check for that as well.


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